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Wuorio House

Unioninkatu 30

The tale of the Wuorio House begins in the year 1831. Initially constructed as a dwelling, the house truly blossomed following refurbishments by Salomo Wuorio, a decorative painter, and Herman Gesellius, an architect. Post a renovation that concluded in 1913, the edifice earned the moniker of the “Wuorio business palace”.


For nearly seven decades, it served as the location for Salomo Wuorio’s personal wallpaper and carpet store. Starting from the 1930s, the business palace’s ground floor also accommodated The English Tearoom, renowned for its British sophistication.

In April of 2024, Gastro Hub began its operations in the Wuorio House, adding a new chapter to its rich history.  At Gastro Hub history meets modernity, providing a dining experience that’s both memorable and steeped in the rich heritage of the Wuorio House.

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